“Be” – Attitudes Kit


Our collection of “Be” – Attitudes were created to assist you in accepting, appreciating and honoring your worthiness and to help you to recognize the light, love, beauty and peace within you.

Includes 60 “Be” – Attitudes cards, wood card stand, “Gratitude” scented candle, and a journal to capture your thoughts.

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17 reviews for “Be” – Attitudes Kit

  1. Lisa Druxman


    The Be Attitudes Kit is now how I start my every day. I love the small details like the candle and the little stand for the cards. It’s a perfect way to start your day with intention, purpose and passion.

  2. KG


    The Be Attitudes Kit is the perfect way to start every day! It centers you & gets you in touch with who you are & what you want to become. Remembering your word throughout the day leads to clarity, excitement, creativity & absolute purpose.

  3. Helen DiZio


    This little kit is a simple visual reminder that helps me set my intentions for the day and reminds me of the gratitude I feel in my heart.

  4. Lori


    I so enjoy picking my word for the day. It definitely keeps me focused on being a better person and allows me to BE that particular word as I go through each day. The kit is a must for everyone!

  5. Mareya Ibrahim


    I absolutely adore my “Be” Attitudes Kit. It helps me center myself every single morning and is something I truly look forward to. It’s the way that I have learned to meditate. I’m a busy mom and business owner, so having those few uninterrupted moments to focus on the positive and get inspired sets the tone for all the day has to unfold. The candle smells amazing and the journal is perfect for capturing my thoughts. I’m definitely going to gift this to friends and family to get inspired!!

  6. Alexis Williams


    The Be Attitudes Kit is part of my morning ritual. I love the graceful design. It is the perfect way to take an intention deeper. It inspires me to “Be” the intention. This has produced meaningful change in my life.

  7. Andrea


    Love the Be Attitudes Kit! It is a simple transforming way to align in gratitude everyday. This daily practice is a positive uplifting and energizing way to create my best and most directive self!

  8. Brittany


    I got this as a gift and fell in love with it. It is a great way to start the day.

  9. Jeffrey


    I love the morning ritual which this lovely and thought-filled kit creates for me as I sit at my kitchen table every morning, picking TWO cards, not just one, (because I’m extra generous to myself) and ponder the power of the words on each card and let them filter into my energy for the day. I find the cards to be eerily intuitive of what I need to know and BE for the day and because of those BE -attitudes, I succeed in maximizing the potential of my day. It’s ALCHEMY! Amazing …and I love it!

  10. Shari


    I received The Be Attitudes Kit as a gift and LOVE it! What a wonderful way to remind me to give my day purpose and meaning. The candle along with the beautiful card and its holder connect my other senses to the importance of the word I’ve chosen.

  11. Becky Robbins


    I love my BeAttitude cards! Love the way the word connects with me exactly where I am each morning. Pretty intuitive I must say. There is a grace to these that combines simplicity with wisdom. So grateful to Annie for following her inspiration to the creation of this in my hands!

  12. Stevie Gillman

    (verified owner):

    My word for the day is a great reminder for me to slow down and be extremely grateful for what I had, what I have and what I am looking forward to..A wonderful balance to living a good life and being a good person.

  13. Leila


    Wonderful concept. I got mine as a gift and it is packaged so well. Truly a great way to start your day.

  14. Jody


    This was given to me by a dear friend and it couldn’t be a more perfect gift and reminder of what is real and important. Let us all slow down and meditate on the gifts we all have been given and can share with the world.

  15. Petra Winslow


    Life is beautiful, and simplicity is key in enjoying the present moment. Annie is passionate and inspiring, and the Be Attitudes Kit is, as many have written and said, is a perfect way to begin each day. One word, this moment in time, let life flow and feel alive!

  16. cathy winslow


    I love the Be Attitudes Kit that was given to me as a Christmas gift from my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. A wonderful way to start my day. My word today is “grateful”. Grateful for all I have in my life with family & friends. Thank you for making this kit so I can fill my days with gratitude and positive feelings.

  17. Ash


    Received this as a beautiful birthday gift. So thoughtful, and love the balance of a gentle prompt to add to my morning stillness practice.

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